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Saving thousands of dollars and time on unnecessary sickness and visits to the doctors.

Helping working women with young children get more energy so they can enjoy everyday life without pain, medication, unwanted symptoms, and be free to live the life they desire.
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Mission: Empowering women about nutrition and lifestyle choices that transform and elevate their health without relying on medication.


Both you and I know that your signs & symptoms didn't go away after you were prescribed and taken the medications. Sure, it may reduces your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, pain, or even anxiety for a bit. But none of it seems to make it go away completely. In fact, you end up having side effects. You were told to take the medications, EVERY day! Or deal with unwanted symptoms.

The problem with the health care system is it is based on flawed model of care where the focus is mainly on treatment with medications and surgeries. Never really hitting the underlying cause and reversing the signs of illnesses.
We haven't even start focusing on prevention, yet.  

  • That is why even with new technology like glucose sensing device and new break-through medications, the obesity and diabetes rate still goes up instead of declining. 
  • ​More ​women are having digestive issues such as leaky gut, heartburn, Crohn's, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)​, Celiac disease, diverticulosis, and regular constipation.
  • Rise in diseases in women also include Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), anemia, anxiety, and depression. 
  • ​Even when our blood results​ and tests came back normal, women still have symptoms.
  • ​Increasing number of their children are having more and different types of allergies. 
  • ​We may be living longer, but are we actually living with the quality of life and vitality we want?
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Jenny Nguyen


Registered Nurse, Nutrition health coach. PN1-NC.
Mom of 2. Real estate investor. 1 curious helper.

I always knew I wanted to help others to help themselves. I didn't think it was possible until I was able to turn my life around and heal myself first.

My sick to healthy journey:
During my early 20s, I thought I was invincible. Until I got duodenal ulcer, depressed, and suicidal. In addition, seeing the person I love, my mom, getting sick in her early 40s (from Parkinson’s disease) made it even harder. Life knocked me down. REAL HARD! But I got back up. I learned to improve my emotional and mental state and to appreciate my body more.

The experience made me want to take better care of myself in every way. Initially, I didn't know how, but I continue to find out more as the years go by. Each time adding more knowledge and building better habits. I learned to have fun without drinking alcohol and be energetic without coffee by 25.

During my late 30s, I received unexpected gifts of a skin cancer scare, 3 years of acid reflux like cough, sleep interrupting allergies, and other recurring nuisance signs and symptoms that just won't go away. My kids started to develop eczema as well. I felt like a failure as an unhealthy mom. 

The accumulation of signs were hinting me… something has to change. Because what I was doing was trying to survive, I wasn't thriving. This lead me to search for another way. I needed to eliminate the triggers once and for all and not just getting a quick fix that never solve the problem. With over 15 years of nursing, I know many medications prescribed are use to manage the symptoms. It doesn't prevent the illness or treat it at the root cause. And I can't rely only on the doctors to cure me when they don't have an answer. I have to take health matters into my own hands and help myself. 

Discovered a healing journey: I use food as my natural medicine, heal my body from the inside out. After 4 months, I am symptom free since I made ONE KEY adjustment. I feel relieved, hopeful, and determined to continue on this health journey and share it with other women.  

I have seen a lot of women, frustrated, sick, and tired of wondering when will these signs and symptoms go away. I'm inviting you to join me. Learned how you can conquer your problem of aches, pain, moodiness, low energy, skin problems, and many more. How empowering is it to know you CAN be the source of own healing? It all starts with you and you are THE ONE to transform your health and your life around to create a brighter future.


Get started with these free super simple guides. 

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Say goodbye to sweet symptoms

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Vitality

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Keep it simple and stress free

Forget Calories Counting

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Lose the unwanted weight

Lose Fat without


Hey friends, let's connect. Build a community of strong women.


Tired. WOrried. Restless.

Not knowing when you'll be healthy again.


Your sleep has been disrupted. And it's not because you are out partying or doing exercise (umm, with another person. j/k). It's because you been having more allergy symptoms, digestive issues, feeling anxious, low energy, having more unwanted signs that your health is going down the drain. And you are not even in your 40s or 50s yet. Old age is starting sooner than you expected. 

Frustrating feeling drained all the time, isn't it?

  • Do you feel're sad and anxious because of your poor health?
  • Does it don't know where to look for help?
  • Are you frustrated... about feeling drained of energy every day and your family feel it too?
  • And when it comes down to it... do you feel hopeless and question whether you'll be around for long and what kind of life the future holds as you get older? 

What if I tell you, there is a solution? That you don't have to be stuck with poor health and energy.
Do you want to find out how?

Action #2 - Get focused

My 8 week program is target focused. Healing our body & preventing illness at the source. 

  • Benefit: Target the lifestyle factors that will bring you good energy. 
  • Feature: Using nutrition as a key source to longevity and good health.
  • Sustainable: Narrowing down on the triggers, deficiency, and creating a solution oriented lifestyle and eating habit that gets result. 
  • Whole health: I hear you are a busy working mom with lots on your plate. And there are many aspect to your health besides nutrition. The program provides simple tools you can use right away. 

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Plate of Eight Health

"Plate of Eight, create your fate"


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I'm passionate about helping women to take their health in their own hands and create the life that they were meant to enjoy from it. 

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